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Your Applied Teaching and Learning projects are also online and can be completed before or after you begin teaching.

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Our online instructors are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the training content and curriculum. You can reach them from any page by clicking on the question mark icon. There are multiple courses within each construct that help the prospective teacher understand the pedagogy behind their role as an educator in the classroom.

Please visit our Training page for samples of the coursework you will engage within each construct. For technical issues with Canvas, please take a screenshot of the page you are having an issue with. Then from any page you can click the question mark icon to contact support. Completing your Classroom Readiness training will absolutely help you become familiar with the concepts that you will be asked about during your interview.

We also provide you with a wealth of resources to help you prepare for your first teaching job, from online webinars and seminars to resume review services and portfolio guidance. Any experience that occurs on a TEA-accredited campus where you are observing a certified teacher deliver instruction to at least one student can count toward your FBE hours.

Substitute teaching unfortunately does not fall under this requirement from the TEA, as you must be observing a certified teacher rather than delivering the content yourself. However, substitute teaching is still highly recommended to increase your marketability and help get hired with a particular school district. Almost all schools provide observation opportunities for aspiring teachers, but each has its own approval process. We recommend you first check the district website and search online for observation approval information.

If you do not find more information online, call the district Human Resources department.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Texas Teachers of Tomorrow

Make sure you have first searched the district website and contacted the HR department before you call a campus directly. The experience you have gained must be verified by either the person who you observed, the principal of the campus, or the HR department of the school district. The FBEs will not show as completed in your Intern Portal until they have been verified by email from the supervising individual. After submitting your FBE hours, our system will generate an automated email to the supervising individual. Please ask them to check their spam folder.

It is easiest to complete FBEs in early summer when summer school is in session. If you have received an offer of employment from a school district, that school or district will typically provide FBE opportunities prior to the start of school. Keep in mind that it will require time for the FBEs to be verified and then for your Intern Certificate to be recommended after verification, assuming that all other requirements have been completed.

You ultimately choose which districts to apply with, but Texas Teachers has a team of representatives that work closely with schools across the state. We provide thousands of candidate lists, by request, to schools every year, and host both in-person and virtual job fairs. We notify candidates regarding teacher hiring events and list the schools that have recently requested our candidates. We also provide a wealth of resources to help you prepare to get your first teaching job, from online webinars and seminars to resume review services and portfolio guidance. We offer an excellent Clinical Teaching program for candidates who would like more hands-on practice before becoming a full-time teacher.

For more information, view our Clinical Teaching webpage. We recommend you begin your job search after passing your first certification exam, even if you have incomplete Classroom Readiness training and Field Based Experiences. You will then have access to your Enrollment Letter, which updates each time you pass a new exam. Schools often offer positions to candidates with pending training that have passed an exam, especially during spring and summer. However, you must also complete all Classroom Readiness training and Field Based Experiences before you are eligible to enter the classroom and be recommended by Texas Teachers for your Intern Certificate.

Instead, your Enrollment Letter and Statement of Eligibility will provide schools the necessary information to offer you a position. These are technically two separate documents, and they are important for your job search. They are accessible on the Internship tab of your Intern Portal. Your Enrollment Letter is available after you demonstrate subject matter knowledge by passing a content exam. You should call the school Human Resources department, as each district application is unique.

If you apply with only the Enrollment Letter, submit a new application or amend your previous application once your SOE is available, and then call the school HR department to notify them of the change. Some districts will check to see if you have completed this step when reviewing your application. Here are instructions on how to apply for your Intern Certificate. This begins the Intern Certificate Recommendation process.

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If the school does not have an HR department, the SOE can be completed by a campus principal or district superintendent. Most Intern Certificates are recommended during the peak volume months of July and August.

What No Child Left Behind means for teacher quality

This may result in a waiting period for recommendations. Schools understand that Texas Teachers can backdate certificates if they are recommended soon after school starts. We encourage you to monitor your email for recommendation instructions from our Certification department, and promptly complete requirements.

You will receive a confirmation email once your Intern Certificate has been recommended. An Intern Certificate is valid for your first year of teaching and used for candidates enrolled in alternative certification programs. Once you have completed your Internship Year and all program requirements, you are issued a Standard Certificate.

An Intern Certificate is valid for only one year. Let us know by filling out the form below. Apply Request Information. Frequently Asked Questions Get the answers here! Is Texas Teachers a state-approved program? How successful is the Texas Teachers program? How long is the Texas Teachers program? What kind of certificate will I receive from Texas Teachers? Does the Texas teacher certification transfer to other states?

Does Texas Teachers of Tomorrow have an alumni program? Does Texas Teachers of Tomorrow have a scholarship program? Submitting Your Application. When can I start Texas Teachers? How do I apply to Texas Teachers? What documents do I need to apply for Texas Teachers? When can I apply? How will I know if my application is received? You will receive an email from us confirming that your application has been received. What do I do after I submit my application? What if my GPA is below a 2. Is there a background check involved? Do I need classroom experience to become Teacher Certified? How do I get admitted to the program?

How long does it take to get an admission decision? Sending Your Transcripts. Do I need to send in official transcripts? How do I send in my transcript s? How long does it take for my transcripts to be processed?

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Can I get a copy of my transcripts from Texas Teachers? How much does the program cost? When do I pay the enrollment fee? When do I pay the program balance? Is there interest on the program balance?