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In them, Trip kept hoping to get back to his old life but was repeatedly stymied by a series of plot twists and reversals. The aft of the half-saucer seemed a logical place. BTRW appears to contradict itself as to whether the Intrepid class is older or newer than the NX class, but given that the design seems to be based on NX components, and that none were seen until two years into the series, it seemed logical to me that it would be a followup design.

Piloto 151 creates another specialized space in Santurce

Of course baseball as a sport is dead by this point, but the caps clearly survive. This is addressed in Book 2, Tower of Babel. Ibn Battuta was a 14th-century Moroccan Berber who is regarded as one of the greatest explorers in history. While SFYO was rendered non-canonical by ENT, I considered referencing elements of it, but found that too many of its assertions have been overwritten by the ENT series and novel continuity; thus I decided to make a clean break and develop my own distinct version of characters like Shumar.

Shumar is my exemplar for a captain who sees intervention as a positive thing. Only his Mirror Universe counterpart John Mahon was seen onscreen. He was named Samuel in KM.

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More on this later. The loose organization of the early Federation Starfleet is inspired by the organization of the European Space Agency. Star Trek Online offers a very different interpretation of this species, calling them the Elachi. Fortunately, what we know about the system suggests it may be prone to bombardment by comets perturbed by Proxima Centauri as it orbits Alpha Centauri A and B.

See my notes for The Buried Age. Some novels have described Saurians as greenish-skinned instead, perhaps based on preconceptions about reptilian appearance. I took that into account here as another ethnic type.

The saving grace is that Picard never specified whose contact with the Klingons he was talking about. A superterrrestrial planet is a rocky planet several times larger and more massive than Earth. While there are none in our own planetary system, many extrasolar superterrestrial planets have been found. Oxygen toxicity is a genuine danger often faced by deep-sea divers. Oxygen is essentially a highly reactive and poisonous substance that aerobic organisms have learned to tolerate, but excessive quantities can still be harmful or fatal. Then again, an overdose of just about anything can be harmful.

It seemed logical that she would have later reciprocated and traveled to Vulcan herself. It was pretty badly trashed therein, but its location per STSC made it appropriate for the conference here. However, this is vague enough to be subject to change. Whether these designs will actually be put into production in the novel continuity remains to be seen. I feel I need to apologize for this scene, since I cheated on character for the sake of tech exposition.

NASA HISTORY : Viking, Mariner,Pioneer - Exploration of the Planets 1971 NASA JPL

I established that Tobin was a shy character difficult to bring out of his shell, then show Val immediately happening on the one subject that will make him garrulous enough to be a mouthpiece for my theory of Starfleet ship evolution. This is implausible given how well-known the star Rigel Beta Orionis is. The star Deneb Alpha Cygni is now known to be extremely distant, indeed the most distant real star ever mentioned by name in Star Trek , although it is difficult to calculate the exact distance of stars so far away.

Life on Mars | Books and Culture

This is my attempt to offer an escape hatch from the overuse of the novel-style naming pattern. Shreya and charan are essentially mother and father. DeCandido, and featured in the Vanguard series as a race employed by the Orion Syndicate. However, all of the Three Sisters will get more character development in Book 2. The wormhole imbalance suited my needs here.

The more character-driven first season probably would have, but by the second season the show was evidently under greater network pressure to emphasize action, and so the episode ended up being more about fighting off pirates. So I wanted to take another stab at the concept. It also lets me further suggest that the designs in the TOS era represented a multispecies influence. Perry established that Andorian antennae sense EM fields.

Devna is the only sane, articulate Orion woman we meet in the canonical 23rd century in the Prime universe, anyway , and thus worth exploring further. However, I chose to leave it ambiguous. Besides, Trip has changed a great deal. The star is also called Tabit, which is how I referred to it in Forgotten History. Rather than follow up directly on the cliffhanger since I wanted a cushioning time gap between the series in order to make a fresh start , I chose to approach it more obliquely.

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She is beautiful, lithe and swift: as deadly as the blade flashing in her deft She is beautiful, lithe and swift: as deadly as the blade flashing in her deft grip. The blood of kings runs strong in her veinsbut her weakling brother wears the crown. She is Bronwyn. And her name strikes fear in A Liaden Universe Constellation: Volume 1. Seventeen tales to start with in Volume One!

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Fifteen short tales of the Liaden Space opera and romance on a grand scale in a galaxy full of interstellar trading clans. Carpe Diem. On the run from interplanetary assassins, covert operative Val Con yos'Phelium and former mercenary sergeant On the run from interplanetary assassins, covert operative Val Con yos'Phelium and former mercenary sergeant Miri Robertson have wound up stranded on a distant planet with no rescue in sight.

Until they figure out a way back to Liad, these An epic novel of humanity pushed to the brink of existence—and fighting back with a An epic novel of humanity pushed to the brink of existence—and fighting back with a dash of grit and a sense of humor by Bolo and Retief series creator Keith Laumer and Rosel George Brown.